Man juggling bean bags on a yellos

Happy World Juggling Day!

(Another Under-Recognized Holiday)

Celebrated every year since 1995 around June 15, World Juggling Day honors (obviously) the sport of juggling. As its website says, “Juggling requires discipline, dedication and lots of practice.” Which is also a pretty accurate description of the way we work at Intercross. We may not be the greatest at juggling balls or more hazardous objects, but we’re very agile at keeping multiple projects in the air at once.

We keep things moving without sacrificing quality or accuracy.

We know how easily fast turnarounds can lead to dropped balls, so our experienced, streamlined team of strategists gives every project, big or small, the attention it deserves. We can multitask from email to print to social media to video, finding the most cost-effective way to reach your customers and prospects while never taking our eye off your deadlines and budget. That’s the “discipline” part.

We make it our business to know about your business.

At Intercross, we pride ourselves on being specialists in the financial-services arena, which is why some of America’s biggest investment firms trust us with their consumer and business credit cards. We bring the same curiosity and passion for nuts-and-bolts-level knowledge to every project we take on, whether it’s B2C or B2B. That’s the “dedication” part.

When we juggle strategy and creative together, it’s downright fun to watch.

Turn our creative team loose on your marketing strategy – or ask us to execute your existing ideas – and we’ll come back with a variety of options, always trying to find a new angle or a more attention-getting way to present your product or service. And feel free to make suggestions. We love taking the time to try out new ideas, no matter where they come from. That’s the “practice” part.

Fun Fact: According to legend, juggling once stopped a war.

In China during the reign of King Zhuan of Chu (613-591 BC), a warrior named Xiong Yiliao performed a juggling act called “nongwan” in front of 500 enemy troops, who immediately fled, fearing Xiong was using magic.

Need help keeping all of those balls in the air?
Toss them to us.

Our streamlined management structure saves time and keeps costs under control, whether you’re launching a new product, re-energizing an existing brand or responding to a competitor’s offer. And you’ll always get the personalized attention your business deserves. Unlike holidays like World Juggling Day.

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