Happy DNA Day from Intercross. White double helix looks like it's dancing in celebration.

Let’s celebrate with a double helix.*

DNA Day marks the discovery of deoxyribonucleic acid’s double helix in 1953 — and the completion of the human genome project 50 years later. We chose to honor this holiday day not just because DNA is so darned good at solving crimes but also because the Intercross logo icon bears a pretty strong resemblance to the double helix.

Coincidence? Perhaps. But it got us thinking about the four building blocks of DNA – GATC – and how they match up with how we work with our clients.

The letter G set in a yellow boxGuanine
Or is it GOODS (and services)?

Whether your industry is high-tech B2B services or consumer goods, our top priority is to understand as much as we can about your brand’s DNA and your target’s pain points. Then, we craft messaging that resonates with readers, making the connection between your value proposition and their needs. For example, we know a lot about financial services, from banking and credit cards to investments and lending. More on that here.

AdenineThe letter A set in a yellow box
Or is it AUDIENCE?

Obviously, customer acquisition cost is higher than the cost of retention. We first analyze your existing customer base and determine the best ways to keep them loyal. Our goal is to remind the audience why they chose your brand in the first place. Next, we find strategic ways to build on your base, understanding prospects’ mindset, where they are in the buyer’s journey, and making the connection between your value proposition and their needs. We craft messaging that resonates and motivates through whichever channels will best reach the target, including email, social media, direct mail, video and more.

The letter T set in a yellow boxThymine
Or is it TACTICS (and strategy)?

Introducing a new product? Relaunching an established brand? Developing a campaign that goes head-to-head with a competitor? Your marketing strategy is the starting point to help our creative team develop the tactics that bring it to life. Already defined your tactics and channels? Great. We can execute on that. Want a fresh opinion on which tactics may perform better? We can provide that, too.

CytosineThe letter C set in a yellow box

We’re not big on egos at Intercross. We’d rather contribute to meeting your brand’s marketing goals than add to our award wall. So don’t be afraid to suggest ideas – where the winning idea came from doesn’t matter as long as it achieves results. We define our success by how well our creative deliverables and campaigns perform.

Fun fact: More than 99% of DNA sequences are the same for everyone.

It’s the 1% that differentiates your brand from everyone else’s in the marketplace. We make finding that elusive, unique 1% our #1 priority with every client.

Tight timeline? Limited budget? Speed and efficiency are in our DNA.

We keep things simple with fewer management layers and a streamlined staff of experienced, agile strategists. Whatever the size of your project, we’ll make sure you get the recognition you deserve. Unlike certain underappreciated holidays.

Opt-in to stay informed of other obscure, recognition-worthy holidays (and to get marketing communications insights). And in the meantime, take a minute today to thank James Watson and Francis Crick for their discovery of the double helix. It’s what makes you, you!

* Want to make it a Double Helix with a science experiment garnish?

Extract DNA from strawberries for a Double Helix Daiquiri. Get the recipe.

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