Cracking the code

How remarketing helps you reach your customers

A customer visits your site. They browse a few products and leave. Now what? It’s simple – you keep track of them! Using remarketing tools, you can recapture the attention of your customers and give them a second and third and fourth (you get the idea…) chance to take the action you want.

Stay in touch with your customers

When customers visit your site, it’s smart business to find ways to stay in communication with them. Remarketing helps you do this by creating lists of your online customers, so you reach them after they leave. It’s a great way to keep engaging your customers – and encouraging them to click and take action.

Start a game of TAG

Here’s how it works. Start by adding a remarketing tag – a small snippet of code – across any or all pages on your website. These remarketing tags will create your marketing lists. After a customer visits your site, they are added to your list, so you can easily communicate with them after they leave.

Keep in contact

Now it’s time to build campaigns targeted for these lists. Ads will pop up about your brand – or the products your customers searched – while they browse other sites. It’s the perfect opportunity to craft laser-focused messaging to motivate customers on your list to take action.

Remarketing best practices

Most successful remarketing campaigns take advantage of your customer’s familiarity with your product, website and branding.

  • Capitalize on your brand – keep the look, feel and messaging consistent with your customer’s knowledge of your product.
  • Test special offers, calls to action, images and more.
  • Craft messaging based on history. Responses from customers who visited your site recently may differ from those who visited two or three months ago.
  • Find the right balance between reaching customers and over-communicating.
  • Test impact by driving customers to different pages within your site.

Ready to get started?

At Intercross, we’re ready to help you kick-start your remarketing efforts, and we’ll also provide helpful reports on clicks and conversions to monitor your progress. If you’d like to implement remarketing tools and campaigns, just ask! It’s a tool we think you’ll really value.