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Leading a team during a crisis

In a time when there is so much uncertainty with COVID-19, I would like to share a few thoughts on the importance of providing the leadership our teams need during a crisis.

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The Pineapple Express

Our Creative Director, Rich Patterson, prefers to drink his spirits straight. But when asked to conjure up a mixed drink for Thirsty Thursday, he quickly improvised a simple recipe that surprised everyone – something he calls The Pineapple Express.

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Tequila Sunrise

It’s always fun when Thirsty Thursday rolls around again. This week, Jen Baldwin is treating everyone to a colorful summer cocktail — with a side of tasty tortilla chips!

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Brandy Old Fashioned Sweet

There is nothing better than a good ol’ Wisconsin style Brandy Old Fashioned sweet. So yummy and refreshing with a twist of orange (unless you have a heavy hand when pouring).

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Another Thirsty Thursday in the books at Intercross! We’re embracing the hot, steamy weather with a cool, refreshing beverage created right here in MN. This week features the Bootleg from our VP of Client Service & New Business Development, Lori Fuller.

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Boat Cocktail

Happy Hour at Intercross is always a delight. It’s lovely to take a break with co-workers and enjoy their company while sipping on a refreshing summer beverage. This week features Karen’s Boat Cocktail from our Accountant, Karen Chenvert.

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We’re keeping cool on this hot July day and looking forward to spending another weekend making memories with family and friends.

This week’s Thirsty Thursday features Ali’s famous Beergarita (with a patriotic twist…hey, we’re still celebrating!) from our Project Manager, Ali Grinde.

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Strawberry Mojito

Every Thursday we celebrate Thirsty Thursday at Intercross! We hope you enjoy our employee-chosen recipes. Each employee will be sharing their creativity with you, by sharing their drink of choice. This week features Strawberry Mojitos from our Managing Partner, Diana Maples.

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Beef up your mailers

Woof, woof…Stella here! As a marketing dog, I’m constantly trying to find ways to maximize the effectiveness of a direct mail campaign. My humans at Intercross have heard my howls and put their minds together to create a quick reference to help me and my fellow canines make the most out of each campaign.

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An insight into our work ethic

My favorite quote comes from Thomas Edison, who once said, “Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.”

I think it’s the guiding truth for every successful endeavor, including the development of winning advertising campaigns.

Great work begins with a seed of an idea, but making it into a successful digital campaign requires hard work, detailed planning, extensive collaboration and, yes, creativity.

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Cracking the code

How remarketing helps you reach your customers.

A customer visits your site. They browse a few products and leave. Now what? It’s simple – you keep track of them! Using remarketing tools, you can recapture the attention of your customers and give them a second and third and fourth (you get the idea…) chance to take the action you want.

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Blue Maples, a X year old cocker spaniel waits patiently for his owner to finish a conference call.

Are deadlines dogging you?

A tail-wagging companion can cut the stress!

We love our pets at Intercross... and we’ve got plenty of reasons why. When a puppy swings by your desk for a quick pat on the head, you can’t help but smile. At Intercross, we find that having our dogs in the office makes us more creative and adds an extra dose of fun to the workday. Now, research reveals that bringing our faithful friends to work is more than just a perk – it actually has a positive effect on camaraderie and productivity.

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Lessons from the road

Here is one that will send shivers down the spine of anyone that gives presentations. It happened over 10 years ago, and it is a lesson in backups…

Our work for the tradeshow was complete. Video done, tradeshow booth done, executive speech written and delivered - our role was to walk the show. We watched the executive walk to the podium for their introduction speech to 2,500+ attendees. But something was wrong - instead of delivering a powerful message, there was just awkward silence while the teleprompter tried to reset, without success. The executive had never read the speech, and did not bring a hard copy.

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