Beef up your mailers

Woof, woof…Stella here! As a marketing dog, I’m constantly trying to find ways to maximize the effectiveness of a direct mail campaign. My humans at Intercross have heard my howls and put their minds together to create some tips that will help my fellow canines and me make the most out of each campaign.

B2B direct mail tips:

  1. Narrow the list. Target segments of your top prospects, keeping the list to a manageable size for your customer service team.
  2. Make an impact. When B2B “wins” drive significant revenue, high-impact mailers are proven to get results. Some of our mailers have been close to $200 per piece and delivered an 80% response rate!
  3. Follow up! Many marketers skip this step, but it’s critical to reach out and contact your target prospects after a mailing—by phone, via email or through traditional mail.

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