Are deadlines dogging you?

A Tail-wagging Companion Can Cut the Stress!

We love our pets at Intercross… and we’ve got plenty of reasons why. When a puppy swings by your desk for a quick pat on the head, you can’t help but smile. At Intercross, we find that having our dogs in the office makes us more creative and adds an extra dose of fun to the workday. Now, research reveals that bringing our faithful friends to work is more than just a perk – it actually has a positive effect on camaraderie and productivity.

Are Pets the Best Co-Workers?

In an experiment conducted by Central Michigan University (CMU), researcher Christopher Honts and his team found that when a dog was added to a work group, colleagues experienced higher levels of trust and team bonding than those without a furry friend in the mix. Pet-friendly workplaces also report less stress, higher creativity and increased productivity – all easy ways to boost overall happiness on the job.

Blue Maples, a X year old cocker spaniel waits patiently for his owner to finish a conference call.
Blue Maples, a 6 year old cocker spaniel waits patiently for his owner to finish a conference call.

Your Company will be in Great Company

With this growing proof that pets are a positive influence on work culture, maybe it’s time to join the trend and prompt a pet-palooza at your workplace. You’ll be joining over 20 percent of companies in the nation that allow employees to bring their pets to work, according to the American Pet Products Manufacturer’s Association. And who knows? Your increase in productivity and creativity just might prompt that next great idea!!

The Challenge of Conference Calls

We’re still training our dogs on conference call etiquette. Unfortunately, we can’t get them to master the mute button, so for now we encourage desk-side dog naps when we’re on a call.